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Tower, Academic
David Freeland, Advisor
Melissa Lee
Sullivan's description of the tall tower typology established a standard approach for designing mid- and high-rise buildings. However, his approach reduced the tower into a monotonous and potentially-infinite form per the conventional "stack," i.e. the layering of identical floor plans on top of one another with vertical circulation limited to just an elevator core. Such a formulaic approach to the design of the tall tower typology has prompted little innovation and the perpetuity of mundane office layouts, little communication across floors, and static spatial experiences.
By re-investigating the tower as a composite of smaller syncopated shapes that subdivide its verticality through the articulation of the inner core and building envelope, this office tower in New York City, was divided into multiple-story, interactive spaces. The inner core widened to incorporate visibility and accessibility across floors via stairs and balconies. The envelope uses a louver system to rearticulate the core along the exterior of the building. The project proposes the reimagining of the tall office tower as a vertical city, bringing back the horizontality of communication present in open office plans and mat buildings.