Posted by sara over 1 year ago

Gender Equity, Climate Activism, and the Lines that Draw the Future

"How Empowering Women and Girls can Help Stop Global Warming," by Katharine Wilkinson, is one of the best TED Talks (or any talk) I have ever seen.

The climate crisis often feels like an overwhelming, insurmountable problem that can be difficult to face head-on. The troubling reality that the climate crisis will affect women most is not surprising, given the disparities already present, especially within poverty. But the empowering quality to Wilkinson's talk is that she presents us, as she so often does, with already-present solutions. By meeting the moment to address our social and gender injustices, we will inadvertently be working towards addressing global warming.

She discusses women's issues such as land rights and capital in agriculture, access to education, and family planning. She is careful to say that these issues are deserving of their own justices for their own merit. But yes, these issues are entangled with the climate crisis. And she draws an unforgettable line that ties the solutions for one as part of the solution and catalyst for the other.

As a designer, I like lines. Lines become rules, words, buildings. Lines draw the future.